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The smartest way to get started is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Learn about essential oils first! You have two options: take an upcoming class with me or schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with me. During the class, you’ll learn all the basics (what are essential oils, how to use essential oils safely, a little bit about dōTERRA, Top 10 oils to address the most common health issues + goals. If you prefer a more private setting to share your health issues, let’s schedule a 30 minute phone call! When you join one of my classes as my guest or schedule a private call with me, don’t worry, it’s free!

2. Once we chat through your health issues + goals, I’ll match you with the best oils/products to get you started. If you’re like me (who is all about easy and best values), start with one of dōTERRA starter kits. You’ll get it at a huge discount (25% off the retail price + some kits include a diffuser!), free dōTERRA membership (normally $35) to access wholesale pricing for a year + their ridiculously generous Rewards program (I redeemed $600+ worth of natural products just in my first year opting in the Rewards Program). Don’t worry, dōTERRA has 8 specialized starter kits and I’ll suggest two that will benefit you and support your health priorities most.

3. Be READY to change your life. IT WILL. Natural solutions may not be the norm in healthcare yet.. but your curiosity in natural solutions has now led you to your first step in choosing to trust nature to heal you. Good bye to toxic products and harmful medications! These plants will transform the way you think about your health care for yourself (and your family).

Want to order first? Easy One-Click Shopping:

Most Popular Starter Kit – Home Essentials Kit

Most Favorited Starter Kit – Natural Solutions Kit (qualifies you to get $100 dōTERRA credit)

On A Budget Starter Kit – AromaTouch Diffused Kit

After you order, I’d love to send you some goodies as a thank you for getting your oils from me! Email me: